Maze (Short Film Version)

This duet was part of a 15mn piece created for Scottish Ballet's Autumn Season 2015. 
It was adapted for this short film by cinematographer Eve Mc Connachie the following year.
This quirky, angular duet is about the couple’s discovery of one another:  How do we fit together? How does the puzzle work? 
-  Premiered at Glasgow Short Film Festival 2015
-  Winner at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival (Best Screen Dance Short Under 10 mins) 2016
- Vimeo Staff Pick
- Selected by Encounters, Underwire and Leeds International Film Festivals 
​- Featured on BBC iPlayer, BBC Loop, and Future Shorts

'Laplane’s study in power and originality steals the show. Laplane is clearly a major talent in the making. Indeed, from a personal point of view, I found more originality in the muscular shapes of Maze than in some of the more traditional ballet set-pieces.'
Maze (Autumn 2015), The Herald

Sibilo- World Ballet Day 

On World Ballet Day 2016 Scottish Ballet showed this extract of Sibilo featuring the male duet. Sibilo was premiered in 2016 as part of Scottish Ballet’s Autumn Season and is a series of vignettes, with miniature portraits of the personalities within the company, each with their own individuality. The way clothes are used in the piece is about revealing what is behind the dancers' everyday costumes. It’s another way of seeing the dancers, getting behind the façade, getting behind their everyday routine..

'Quirky, angular moves performed by four couples with wit and sensuality meet clever costuming that literally flies off the stage'
Sibilo (Autumn 2016), The Scotsman